Saturday, July 26, 2014

Arkansas' Loss....Florida's Gain

The day finally came when Nolen left for Florida.  I've been dreading this day; I'm going to miss him. My excitement for him does outweigh my sadness, though. He's embarking on a new adventure which I'm sure will benefit him and his wife!  Education is NEVER a waste and I can't wait for the day I can call him Dr. Scaife. He's prepared financially and mentally for this and with Brittany's support the time will pass quickly.  Of course, the benefit for me is that I am looking forward to having a vacation place for the next four years (LOL)!

Butch,  Brian (friend) and I met him early this morning for breakfast in North Little Rock.  We were missing Robert, he has headed for a weekend trip to Nashville, TN. Breakfast was good with lots of laughs and hugs!   With both sons on the road today I'll be watching Glympse until both are safely at their destinations.

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