Sunday, July 20, 2014


It's hard to believe that I am only three weeks from retirement!  I thought this day would never get here and I thought I would never be ready to retire!  It's funny though how when the time is right, you know, you just know and my time is NOW!
I have had the most incredible career which offered me so many opportunities to grow, travel and make friends that wouldn't have been possible otherwise.  All this was done at a time when a college degree wasn't necessary to be valuable to an employer.  I had only two years of college, but thanks to genetics I was good with my hands, head and paperwork.  I steered away from anything to do with math and found my calling in the courts; timing was essential.  Today my resume would not even be looked opportunity.  Can you say "right place at the right time"!  I guess that 29 years counts as historic, but how can that be!  I'm referred to in the office as the person with the "institutional knowledge" not necessarily the way I would like to be known, but certainly better than it could be (LOL)!  I've seen so many people come and go; some by death; some by workforce reduction; and some by age.  Now it is my turn in 19 days and I prefer the way of age!  I've been so lucky to be valued all these years and to leave on my own terms.   I have financial security, my health and enough hobbies to keep me busy until......

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