Saturday, August 30, 2014

So Far

Here it is August 30th and it's the end of my third week of retirement.  I've been surprised that there hasn't been much need for adjustment. I have slipped into it quite eassily. I haven't thought about work as much as I expected, which is a good thing.  I've been busy working on a lap quilt for my sister-in-law and running errands. Wednesday, Susan and I went shopping and had lunch.  We had a nice afternoon, especially since it was on a week day!  I look forward to more days like that.  Robert and I have signed up for a photography class in Atlanta at the end of September which should be fun! It's at the DeKalb county airport photographing vintage airplanes.  Keep your fingers crossed that the weather is good and I learn something!!
Taken at the North Little Rock Airport 2014
I hope to make it to Florida to see Nolen and Brittany too, just not sure how long I'll be there!  My friend Marybelle called and asked if I was serious about going to Ireland. I said.....YEAH!  I'm waiting to hear more specifics and hoping it comes to fruition.  I'm so excited; it's on my bucket list. She's going for genealogical research, me I'm going for the experience, a little Christmas shopping and photographic opportunities!!  Keep your fingers crossed!

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