Sunday, October 12, 2014

Miles Behind Me

What a journey I've had the last couple of weeks!  I drove to Atlanta to take a photography class at the DeKalb County Airport and had a wonderful time.  The day didn't go quite as planned, but all's well that end's well.  I managed to get a few photos that I was happy with, but I tend to keep my questions to myself so I don't learn as much as I could.

From Atlanta I travelled to Gainesville, FL to see Nolen and Brittany. Their new house is wonderful and I felt right at home! We visited the Butterfly Rainforest which was wonderful and I would love to visit again.

The next day my cousin, Diane, and her husband, Ron, drove up from Ocala for lunch! It was so great to see them both!  I haven't seen them in years, but since we keep in regular contact, the years melt away!  I wish we had had more time, but was thankful for what we had.  She made me a darling little doll and sent one home for Momma!  So sweet, but she always has been!! After we parted I decided to go to Payne's Prarie and hoped to see the wild horses, but it was a rainy, dreary day.  I did see some deer and enjoyed the afternoon rain and all!

Then I travelled from Gainesville to Daytona Beach to see Ken and to meet his wife, Vickie! It was a fun day with lunch. time at the beach, and good conversation. The visit was short, but it was wonderful!  I felt like I had known Vickie forever and look forward to a lasting friendship!
On the way back from Florida to Atlanta I stopped at Andersonville, GA to tour the POW Museum located on the grounds of Andersonville Civil War Prison!  It was worth the stop, it's very moving. Then on to a little retail therapy at the Scarlet Thread quilt shop!  After an overnight stay with Robert I was homeward bound!!  I got home just in time to get the laundry done before Momma had a health crisis! It was a scary couple of days, but we were blessed that she is recovering! 

Robert came home to retrieve his car in Dallas.  We made a one day trip and amazingly his car was in perfect condition!  So happy that it's finally stateside, now to get his household goods delivered so that he can put that chapter behind him!  Sula and Max went to their new home in Atlanta, so our house is quite once again!  Wow, what a wild couple of weeks!  I spent 45 hours in the car driving and several stressful days with Momma!  You know, I think I need a vacation!

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  1. Oh, it was so wonderful to see you and get all of those hugs we've been promising each other. You are so precious to me, sweet Cindy. And you sure packed a lot into your trip. You do need some relaxation now and time for yourself. Sweet hugs, Diane