Saturday, November 8, 2014

A Few More Miles...

I have to admit that I'm not posting as much as I had anticipated, but we all know that sometimes life gets in the way! That, of course, is not always a bad thing.  I have been busy and stressed out regarding my Mom's health issues.  It's not easy for me to cope with these situations. I am the one that always feels guilty and inadequate, I can't help it, can't stop it, but I hope I am learning to deal with it.  I do try to forgive myself, I have to in order to survive.  Enough of that, Momma is doing better and seems to be getting stronger, but I have to remind myself she is 88 and can only improve so much.

Now, the fun part was my weekend trip with my friend, Brenda, to Dogwood Canyon in Lampe, Missouri!  It was wonderful and I can't imagine owning such a beautiful place and have the funds and vision to improve on nature. It seems like all of life's problems just slips away the moment to enter! If you are ever in the Branson area, it's worth a visit.  Here's a link to the Dogwood Canyon.  Not only do they have 7 waterfalls, horseback riding, bike rentials, a wonderful wedding chapel, miles of hiking trails and much more, but they have deer, elk, bison and longhorn steer all within reach...literally!  The animals are contained, but you get the sense that they are free roaming and the fun fact is they are all on the Arkansas side of the Canyon.  I hope to be able to go again in the Spring when all the Dogwood trees are blooming!

The next day we went to The Butterfly Palace in Branson and had a great time.  The butterflys are so colorful and photogenic and there are also rain forest creatures to view as well.  I definately thought it was worth the price of admission, especially at the senior discount (LOL)!

On the way home we made a stop at Maplewood Cemetery in Harrison.  There are 700+ sugar maples planted, some had already peaked, some were at peak and some weren't there yet.  It was beautiful but a little surreal at the same time.  There were people, actually taking family portraits with tombstones in the background.  It was a little disturbing to me.  Granted the trees are beautiful, but how much of the leaves are you getting setting your baby in front on the ground.  Oh well, to each his own. Most of my photos are shot looking up, just beause I didn't want to get the stones.  It was a great weekend which I desperately needed!
My plane ticket has been bought for my HUGE adventure!!  April 3 - April 21st Hong Kong and Australia with Robert and Alicia!  I'm so excited!


  1. Hong Kong AND Australia!!! WOW! What an amazing trip to look forward to! How do you plan for that? I guess you'll have fun doing google searches and research! I'm so happy for you! And what fabulous Fall photos. It's a beautiful time of year to get outside and enjoy nature! Happy weekend! Hugs, Diane

  2. We went to Maplewood Cemetery last fall and I was also amazed about the number of families having their portraits taken there--but still thought it was neat! Glad you got to enjoy the color!