Saturday, March 14, 2015

Happy Birthday Momma

I've been dreading this day; today Momma would have been 89 years old. The reality is starting to sink in and the tears have been falling much like the rain the last few days. It's strange when you remember someone, you think of the their life in bits and bytes. These are a few of the things that I think of when I remember Momma.

...fresh baked cookies after school, sitting at the sewing machine to make something wonderful to dress me in, turkey and dressing at Thanksgiving and Christmas, fresh coconut cake, going to see her mother every day, flowers from her garden, she bought and gave candy to every kid when they came in with their parents to pay their bill at Arkla, climbing next to her in bed when I was scared, shoes and purses to match every outfit she wore, ear bobs and beads, remembering every family member's birthday and anniversaries with cards, dancing (which she never did until her 50's), her beautiful handwriting, Christmas (oh how she loved Christmas), putting flowers on the graves at the cemetery, teaching me to be independent, music, yard sales, making my Daddy his favorite carrot cake then mailing it to him where ever he was working, yellow roses, loving family forever regardless, fishing, hugs, whistling, Tweed perfume, the color orange, dolls, worrying about her children and grandchildren until the very end...

This is a mini scrapbook I made for one of her birthdays.  She loved getting handmade gifts so it seems appropriate that I share this today!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


I feel that I have fallen into a place of nothingness.  It could be because of Momma's death on January 3rd (I'm not ready to blog on that yet) or maybe it is the season.  I have slept most of the last month and don't seem to have any energy! Brenda and I have taken on a 365 photographic challenge this year and that makes me take at least one photo a day, but so far I don't think my creativity is doing the challenge justice, hopefully I'll start stepping it up soon.  I've been fortunate to meet two wonderful ladies, Darla Young and Ginger English, though the Arkansas Women's Photography group on Facebook and have had some really fun outings and I am learning so much from them. Also met Karen Johnson.  We have been to a meeting together, but have yet to have an outing, but I know we will soon.  It's so fun to have people is this area that I can share a passion with and explore places together!  Retirement has it's perks, that is for sure.

This is going to be a busy month, so I have to start clawing my way out of this funk. Besides photography I need to start quilting again, it's been a couple of months now.  I've promised a quilt for my cousin's daughter.  It was so sweet, at Momma's funeral she brought me a quilt I had made her years ago that was in tatters; it had been loved and used so much!  She wanted to trade it in, which touched my heart! I need to get started on that one soon, I just haven't found the right fabric yet, but I will.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

2014 in Review

2014 held happy and sad changes for me and the family.  Here's the look back:

January - Trip to Fayetteville to photograph eagles; Two trips to Lake Magness to photograph the swans.

February - Bought Nikon D610; Went to Lanters at Wildwood with Arkansas Photography Group; went to Old Washington and Lonoke County to see what I could see; 42nd Wedding anniversary.
March - Judge Mixon died and attended funeral; Momma turned 88 years old; Went to ER with kidney stone; Susan and I to Wye Mountain
April - Ronny Elizabeth Scaife born; Butch's mother died; Brenda and I went to a Mike Martin lecture and then took photos at the Old Mill; Butch fell and went to the ER. 

May - Brittany moved to Gainesville, FL and started her new job with Wal-Mart; Courtroom was dedicated to Judge Mixon. 

June - Robert home from Germany!  Nolen's patent was published! 

July - Retirement lunch at Jean's; Turned 62 years old; Nolen's last day working for Wal-Mart; Nolen moved to Gainesville, FL; Brenda and I to Wildlife Park

August - Retired from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court; Robert and I attended the Photo Expo; Visit with Lynn Hasley; Robert to Atlanta

September - Robyn married Steven Murray; Attended Arkansas Genealogy Seminar; Attended Altanta Warbird Weekend Workshop with Robert
October - Received first social security check and first annuity check; Momma to hospital and rehab; Trip with Brenda to Dogwood Canyon

November - Thanksgiving at Momma's

December - Attended Prarie Grove Civil War Re-enactment with Brenda and Jean Prince; Mother back in hospital, then moved to Twin Rivers Nursing Home; to Nashville with Butch and Stinky to see Ronny, Cody and Statia; to Atlanta for Christmas with the boys and Nolen's Master's graduation from Georgia Tech; Christmas with Momma and Charles at Twin Rivers.